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Why decentralized social media platforms are the way of the future.

no doubt make people with a lot of followers happy, however, everyone on the Lit also stands to gain as well.

Mithril — Introducing Crypto to the Masses

It’s not a new thing to see ideas that looked game changing at a point fall short after some time. However, this won’t happen in the case of Mithril because there are a lot of advantages that the platform brings to the table.

The Mithril ecosystem makes integration with any existing social platform very easy. With this, creators of content can be given MITH in return for what they bring to the table. These tokens can ultimately be utilized for the purpose of in-app or in-store purchases — something already functional in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The MITH tokens can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. These services are something that other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram don’t offer.

With Mithril and its social mining, you don’t need to purchase expensive mining equipments to mine crypto — you just need to create content. All that is needed is for you to continue doing what you’ve being doing already — except this time, you’ll be rewarded for it. This shouldn’t sound farfetched as advertisers already pay plenty of money for your content, it’s just that the funds don’t usually reach your pockets. The value of created content on the Mithril network is represented by MITH tokens. These advertisers can dump the intermediary by buying these tokens. With this, the advertisers can now pay content creators for the attention of their audience. These content creators are you, me, and everyone else — ordinary people with no special blockchain knowledge can benefit from Mithril.

When people find out that they can actually be paid for anything they post, numerous users will jump ship and climb aboard social media platforms that have integrated with Mithril. This will fast track the development process and also ensure Mithril’s popularity is increased.

With Lit and Mithril, non-crypto users can also be introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies without the complexities that usually come with it. Mithril ensures that the blockchain interface is convenient and user-friendly, thereby making it easy for non-crypto users to utilize the platform and app.

Mithril — Bright Future Ahead

Mithril is truly a revolutionary shift in social media that introduces the opportunity for social media users to benefit from the content or data they create. What this entails is that any user can post a video in story form and get rewarded for each of the likes, views, and comments. In addition, content creators are given a reward-oriented platform to deal one-on-one with potential sponsors.

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