Waves at Crypto Friends Meetup in Moscow

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Waves at Crypto Friends Meetup in Moscow

Almost 150 people attended the event at the Duran Bar, with Sasha participating in talks and a panel discussion on behalf of Waves.

The Waves platform once again had a presence at a major crypto meetup in Moscow. The event, titled ‘Fiat vs Crypto’, was held at the Duran Bar — with 144 people attending. 50 free tickets were available, with later guests paying up to 0.1 BTC on the door to gain entry to this eight-hour party. (See Facebook page)

The meetups discuss key trends in the crypto world. The last one, held towards the end of June, raised the issue of ICOs — with insights on everything from the tech and the legitimate use cases for entrepreneurs to the mania and the bubble they are currently in. As Bitcoin Magazine reported, ‘The speakers today cover just about anything there is to know about ICOs… The potential, the risks, the legal aspect of it.’

The event was attended by a wide range of people, from traders and investors to entrepreneurs and developers. Waves sponsored the meetup and Sasha was one of the guests who gave a presentation, followed by a question and answer session.

These events bring together a huge range of talent and opinions from some of the leading names and talents in the Russian crypto space. A video of highlights from the event will shortly be available.