Shadow Era: Claim Your Share in the Growing Gaming Industry

5Y Ago

Online gaming has evolved to almost epic proportions. Once accessible to a very few, online gaming can be enjoyed by a far greater audience because the barriers to entry have been greatly reduced. Internet costs, computer parts and the games themselves have gone down in price in a ever growing competitive market. According to Market Research firm Newszoo, in 2016 the global gaming market grew 8.4% from the previous year with a net worth of $99.6 billion. Furthermore, according to SuperData research, competitive gaming called “eSports” will surpass $1 billion dollars in 2017. 

The early stage of online gaming was dominated by games that tried to outdo each other visually with players having to buy more expensive graphics cards on a regular basis. Online battle arena games (eg. League of Legends), First Person Shooters (eg. CounterStrike) and Role Playing Games (eg. World of Warcraft) dominated the early online games and still doing so, however, new game concepts such as the Digital Card Game industry is growing leaps and bounds. These games require brains over stealth, are easy to run on multiple systems including mobile phones and constantly being upgraded with new content making the games timeless. For a perspective on the size of Digital Card Games, SuperData states the industry is a net worth $1.7 billion in 2017. Blizzard’s Hearthstone, the leading game in the industry, had a revenue stream of just under $400 million in 2016.

With such a massive market share, it was just a matter of time before online gaming and its digital brother-in-arms cryptocurrencies joined forces. The first cryptocurrency to do so was Hyper, which tried to incorporate Hyper tokens into much-loved games like CounterStrike and Minecraft. Hyper planted the seed for future cryptocurrencies to take the idea even further. Gamecredits, for instance, is taking on the Google Play and App Store monopoly by creating a new app store with Gamecredits used as the medium of exchange. Gamecredits is moving full speed ahead with its successful MobileGo ICO and hundreds of games due to be released in the store in the upcoming months. Shadow Era, on the other hand, is using cryptocurrencies in a totally unique way.

Shadow Era, a Digital Card Game, is aiming to release a token on the WAVES platform which will give holders many benefits including revenue share. Shadow Era is a community driven collectable card game that is available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The game has received positive reviews from players all over the world and there is a total of 4.7 million accounts created since its initial release. The progress Shadow Era has made with no little to no advertising has been astonishing.

There are many advantages to holding Shadow Era tokens. First and foremost, holders will be able to receive a share in the revenue of the project. According to the Shadow Era PR team, “The tokens represent 100% ownership in the Shadow Era assets: digital game, physical inventory and IP. A board of directors will run the show and decide on profit rewards based on income”. Other advantages include voting rights, epic avatars and daily log in incentives. To gain revenue, “the game has in-app purchases on iOS and Android, and a web store for PC and Mac. We also sell high-quality physical cards, and each physical booster pack has a redeem code for the digital game. In the past, we’ve had three successful crowdfunding campaigns, two for physical cards and one for a new digital set of cards.”

Shadow Era is one in a long line of projects choosing the WAVES platform to fund it’s ICO. According to the Shadow Era PR team,

“Waves was an easy choice because of its user-friendly platform. The Waves web wallet or Chrome app is easy to use, quick to get started, and not intimidating. It also has a built in exchange, so our tokens can be in a free market right from the start. By introducing our players to Waves, a more diverse group of users will be brought to the platform, many of whom have never invested in crypto currencies before. Profit share rewards for token holders are also paid directly in Waves, meaning even long-term investors will have regular involvement with the platform.”

For gamers who are unaware of the process of buying tokens on the WAVES platform, Shadow Era is providing an Easy Mode option where players can pay for tokens via PayPal.

Shadow Era may be the first in a long line of gaming tokens to come; what soon may become the norm in online gaming. Shadow Era is ahead of it’s time with it’s forward thinking attitude towards cryptocurrencies. If you would like participate in the upcoming Shadow Era ICO, tokens will be available on the WAVES DEX on August 1st at 9 am EDT and can be bought with Bitcoin, WAVES and Ethereum.

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