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Deloitte CIS and Waves Platform advance in strategic partnership

Significant progress has recently been made in the development of business proposals and strategic alliances for the promotion of blockchain technology. Such is the case of the strategic alliance between the Deloitte CIS and Waves Platform firms.

The alliance is aimed at providing customers with comprehensive Initial Currency Offering (ICO) services and custom blockchain solutions tailored for specific business tasks.

Under this memorandum, Deloitte experts, who have extensive legal and fiscal experience in the implementation of technology projects, will provide the necessary consulting and methodological assistance to both companies and government agencies. Long-term advantages and opportunities would also be developed for companies implementing digital technologies.

One of the central objectives is to develop the legal mechanisms to regulate ICO projects. Curiously, there are no such mechanisms in the market. This will help companies protect themselves from the risks and challenges of the project after completing the initial chip offer.

Waves Platform will provide technological solutions for the introduction of digital economy tools. In addition, it will help companies to prioritize during their marketing campaigns to promote new products by selecting the most suitable channels for a successful project execution.

Waves is a decentralized platform for crowdfunding and digital token creation. This is the largest blockchain project originating in Russia. The main business of Waves is the issuance of asset / customs bonds, transfer and trading in blockchain. One of the main features of the project is the simplicity of use and massive implementation. In June 2016, Waves completed its own ICO raising more than USD 16 million (30,000 bitcoins). Waves is a top 10 blockchain project in terms of crowdfunding investments. At present, the capitalization of the company exc...

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