BlockchainHack results powered by Waves, Moscow 1–2 July

5Y Ago
BlockchainHack results powered by Waves, Moscow 1–2 July

Waves was a partner for the event, which saw a wide range of blockchain projects submitted by 25 different entrants.

Blockchain School, BTC media and Zerion organised the BlockchainHack, held on 1–2 July 2017 in Moscow.

Waves was a partner for the hackathon, which required entrants to create a blockchain-based project over the course of the weekend. Sergey Tolmachev, Back End Developer for the Waves Platform, delivered a master-class to all participants. He gave a technical overview of Waves, including token creation facilities and the DEX. Sasha was due to help judge the entries but had to withdraw due to illness, so Sergey took his place in the jury. Sasha commented, ‘I think it’s very important to develop and support the blockchain community in Russia. This is why we have held the 2nd blockchain hackathon in Moscow. We are looking for the best developers at the event and may even hire them for Waves.’

25 teams participated in the final:

Окно2) ABX3) Blockchain Palantir4) LifeCoin5) ICOлица6) PIPCHAIN7) ComentCraft8) InnoTeam9) ARTBIT10) Wafer11) memento coin12) Jufy13) NewAdsMedia14) blockJudge15) Evolve team16) HungyDev17) deq18) DiskChain19) life2film20) Lapti21) Сообщество 2.022) mydata.coin23) Dream Team24) Quid25) Confideal

Prizes were awarded in WAVES, ETH and QTUM, another partner for the event.

100 WAVES — Life2film

300 WAVES — Blockchain Palantin

500 WAVES — ICO Faces

10 ETH — Lapti (a project belonging to Waves developers Sergey Tolmachev and Phil Filippak)

1,000 QTUM — BlockJudge 2,500 QTUM — Jufy

The top prize of 5,000 QTUM went to Wafer.

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