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Why you should be in on Metaverse

- iOS version of wallet is under the verification process of Apple Store. -The founder of Metaverse is Eric Gu, a co-founder of other blockchain projects, including ViewFin™, the market leader in Blockchain technology in China. Eric Gu, CEO of Metaverse, is one of the sever Cofounders of ANS/NEO, who left to build his own better blockchain - ETP. He is also an adviser at Loopring LRC and a few other blockchain projects. He was an ICO investor in Bitshares. What I have also found, Eric was living 13 years in Canada working as a senior programmer for Haier (Haier is a Chinese brand which had the world's largest market share in white good in 2014, with 10.2 per cent retail volume market share). -Metaverse is easier and more suitable for Chinese people to use than NEO as it's tailored for a business people and does not require any developing skills, neither knowledge of English language, making it a better choice for business people and therefore will have a wider public use, mainly in Asia. Bear in mind, most of the Chinese people does not speak English and do not have a skills to program in Solidity. -Also, Metaverse offers a way more than NEO does. As @nucky888 in her Reddit about ETP wrote, "Oracles are just one of the solutions they offer. Others include digital assets, digital identities, etc. They offer holistic blockchain as a service for all kinds of businesses. -The services include a combination of Chainlink, NEO, CIVIC etc. into one business-friendly platform." -Metaverse is the same size company as NEO, with currently 60 staffs at Viewfin, a leading Blockchain enterprise within China, which Metaverse is working together with(as said above, Eric Gu is Viewfin CEO) -Here are Metaverse frontman's - -Currently Metaverse has 5 developers, not including front-end. -Chen Hao, Metaverse CTO, won an award on the ArchSummit2017, where at least 200 Buissinesses were participating. -Metaverse partnered with Moscow's based KICKICO an...
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