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Why I invested in Metaverse

Please read the following article first: Thanks for this article. It is good to understand and eventhough you are not a technican, you did your research. (I am neither kind of technican) The last time, I read an article like this, its headline was "why I invested in OmiseGo". I read the article... bought in at 0.60 USD right after the listing on Bitfinex, panicked at 0.45 USD... sold of... I was happy over my "right decision" when it reached 0.33 USD And today... I am crying... There was all the information needed for a good investment right in front of me on the table. I knew that Vitalik Buterin was on board and I knew the 30 million marketcap (at its lowest) was totally undervalued for this project. I bought back in and still made some profits... but I had the opportunity to change my life in my hands and threw it away. Now we are (for me) back at very similar point. Great Team, Experience, Good product and a very low marketcap. Today I got in at 1.30. Everything is mentioned in the article above. I think I am on a good way. Wish you all luck! I hope I can prevent myself of panicselling this time. Opinions?
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