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What Metaverse EPT community needs to do.

Community * We need a new subreddit, r/metaverse_blockchain does not appear in google searches and is hard to find. Suggestions for name r/metaverseETP, r/metaverseEntropy, r/metaverseblockchain, r/metaverseplatform. * Daily Discussion Page - This will increase the interaction between the community and will also be a good welcome to newcomers. * r/ETPtrader - For discussing price and trading, we should keep this subreddit strictly about technology and upcoming events. * Basic Metaverse Information - A pinned post which has details on the technology, news articles, people behind it, how to use the wallet and other important details, link to twitter, slack. Edit - I have created the subreddit r/MetaverseETP, I am going to leave a link to forward to this subreddit. If anyone from the official team asks me I will hand over r/MetaverseETP.
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