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We are getting some momentum

Here comes my non professional view on the things, coming up on the horizon for Metaverse. Allready said, that there is a great founder in the backround, there are partnerships and for my understanding a great vision, I guess that we are going to see the next bullrun of the entire crypto market. I see Metropolis coming for Ethereum and that the China-panic and the shockwave sended from the JP-Morgan CEO went to change nothing for BTC. Those two as the leaders for the price are getting stable and I think they both will go for new highs. Metaverse fell from 3.00 USD to 0.80 USD in a couple of days. I think this was only the result of some panicselling what means nothing for its future besides that the market stays a bit sceptical until more people join the boat. (Remember when OmiseGO fell straight to 0.33 USD on bitfinex... Imagine you would have the opportunity to go back in time to purchase some at this lows...) We reached the low and are making stable gains right now. We are facing a very low low marketcap, we are not even top100 at coinmarketcap. I will just wait for pull upwards, caused by ETH and BTC. When some rise comes for ETP, there will come attention as well. Let us see where this all will go and where it will end. Best regards EDIT: By the time of wrting we got 10 readers more (176 right now, lets grow)
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