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Top 100 marketcap, top 15 trade volume = Metaverse

Dear Community, not even a week ago, I posted here on reddit why I invested in Metaverse when it was 1.30 USD. If interested, heres the link: Since then we and trippeled allmost in subscribers. The developement of the price was astonishing today... and I don't see this stopping in the nearer future. Here comes why: In trade volume we are allready playing in the championsleague. Top 15. Thats something crazy if you look at other projects that have half a billion USD in marketcap. Lots of activity means in my understanding a lot of awareness for ETP. What brings me to the next point: Marketcap. We are dealing with 48 million USD by the time of writing. Is that a lot in the cryptospace? I don't think so. We are speaking about a 150 billion USD market. And last but not least and once again: Here comes Eric Gu. He is not a no name in the cryptospace, actually he has got some fame. Maybe not as much as Vitalik Buterin but his name means something to that. Furthermore I do not have a clue, how famous he is in the chinese cryptospace (I am from Germany). Maybe here are some chinese guys that have some information about his reputation in China? Let's put this together. Fast growing community High trade volume Experienced Team and partnerships I just feel great to be some kind of first mover. Hope you enjoy the ride. P.S. I would like to post a bet here. Till the end of october, we will see 130.000.000+ in marketcap for ETP. Somebody against me? :D
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