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The Price History of Metaverse

This is to all the FUDDER's who claim this is a pump & dump, here's some fundamental analyis. The only reason why metaverse got to 10m capitalization is because it had the worst position out of any chinese coin. For months, the only active exchange metaverse was being traded on was BTER, an exchange that would announce their closing. Every chinese coin suffered when the China FUD hit, Walton dropped from 70m to 20m, neo from 2.3b to 700m. But NONE of these coins suffered as hard as Metaverse as they were being traded on NON CHINESE EXCHANGES with NON CHINESE COSTUMERS, where the exchanges made it very clear that the show would go one. Metaverse didn't recover from the China FUD as it had a mainly chinese capitalization & became illiquid after BTER went defunct. Than it flipped from the worst position an altcoin could have to the best position an altcoin could have. It went from being solely traded on OpenLedger DEX (futureless, illiquid) to being listed on the exchange with the biggest volume whose yet very exclusive on the coins they list (bitfinex). It wasn't a pump & dump group that brought this coin from 9m to 60m and back to 30m cap. It was solely caused by the listing of bitfinex, bringing this coin out of a coma, and stronger than ever before. The normal price of this coin was 4USD while only being traded on BTER, and without any western acknowledgement. Price now should be MUCH higher than 4USD.
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