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Great Read On Metaverse: Huge Upside Potential

These are a few very promising quotes I dug up in a recent article regarding Metaverse, some of which from Eric Gu himself. Things are looking extremely bright with Metaverse! "Qtum, Metaverse and NEO are seen as three leading smart contract platforms with large operations in China. Each has their unique solutions to the shortcomings of Ethereum." “Ethereum ICO-ed the huge projects and after they finished the projects, they start looking for customers. This is wrong. For us, we have clients like ZenAir who has 100 mln customers before they got involved in Blockchain. So today, Metaverse has more users than Ether because these projects are created by real businessmen with real customers. The vision of Metaverse is to attract business people to create their projects with us. They can take care of their business and we can take care of Blockchain.” "We had 30 projects with Metaverse already but ICO is not available for these projects anymore. They have to look for other fundings and that will be difficult." “The Chinese people don’t write in alphabets, they write in characters. To tell them to write a programming language in alphabets is to double the difficulties for them. In Metaverse, you don’t need to write anything. Just tell us what you need for example a token or a digital identity and the details, we will create it for you. No smart contract needed. This is convenient to business people. If you really need a smart contract, Metaverse has API.” Basically these quotes showcase how Metaverse can be better then Ethereum, and why it deserves to at least be at the market cap level of QTUM. It is clear that the Chinese regulations hindered the growth of such a promising project, and that it is only a matter of time before Metaverse catches on and climes to where it rightfully deserves to be, at or above QTUMS market cap level. Respective Market Caps: ETP: $31,467,788 QTUM: $737,824,500 NEO: $1,511,980,000 ETH: $28,567,155,669 When Metaverse reaches Q...
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