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Few answers from the Metaverse team

So yesterday I messaged the Metaverse team and the head of Global Development Janice Shi was courteous enough to compile the answers and send it to me today. Here is the compilation: Q. The team details: How many people working? How many devs? Maybe put it on the website. >We have around 60 people work for Metaverse project and 5 core developers which doesn’t include front-end devs. We'll update our team info on the website soon. Q. The current state of the project and upcoming changes with future clear cut vision would help. >Please see below image to check out our current status. We’re focussing on digital identity development. >Roadmap- - >Asset re-issuance, asset freezing and some basic functional development of digital identity. >Development plan for metaverse on-going projects >[September] >> To publish Digital Identity white paper >> To launch the new desktop version of Metaverse Wallet >> To finalize the implementation plan for digital identity >[October] >> Development and beta testing phase for Digital Identities >> To launch Metaverse’s decentralized matching orders - Metaverse Improvement Proposal(MIP) and promoted our open source community >[November] >> Digital identity will be integrated into the waller in the form of an MIP, We are waiting for a large number of test reports from the testate. >> Metaverse’s matching orders will enter beta testing phase >[December] >>Code development retaed to Metaverse’s consensus mechanism upgrade, asset resistance, asset freezing >>Some basic digital identity functions will be completed >Roadmap 2018 > In feb 2018, code development of upgrades to digital identity functions, Oracle mechanisms for digital identities, pledge asset and digital asset exchange functions will be completed. > In May 2018, MIP (Metaverse Improvement Proposal) function will be activated if it is able to gain widespread support among the community. Q. How is the project dealing with regulat...
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