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Congrats on 500 subscribers! Here's some information for anyone new here.

It seems like Metaverse ETP is getting some much-needed traction. We've just barely hit the top 100 coins, but only have a 60 million market cap! For a team with over 50 employees, and such promise, this is still far undervalued. Its all-time high was $6 a coin, and this was before Bitfinex and all the Western traction it's been getting. In light of our 500 subscribers, I'd like to post some details about Metaverse so people better understand the potential of this project. Metaverse ETP is a project by the company ViewFin™ which is one of the original blockchain technology companies in China. It boasts a large pool of talent, encompassing dozens of employees, led by their founder Eric Gu, one of the co-founders of NEO who left to build his own blockchain. He is also an adviser to Loopring LRC which is similar to the 0x project (look it up). Loopring is a protocol from which China will be able to construct its own decentralized exchanges. Loopring is also sponsored by the NEO council and Da Hongfei is advising them as well (the main co-founder of the NEO project). Eric Gu lived in Canada for 13 years and was a senior programmer for the Haier Group Corporation, a massive multi-billion dollar company. You can see his interview with Boxmining [here]( Metaverse is tailored for business and is a more transparent, public block-chain. They update their github very regularly. When compared to NEO, Metaverse has a few advantages. Firstly, they directly address the so-called "oracle problem" built into their blockchain which is one of their main focuses right now. An oracle, in the context of blockchains and smart contracts, is an agent that finds and verifies real-world occurrences and submits this information to a blockchain to be used by smart contracts. It allows the blockchain to connect to everyday servers we use today. Yet, Metaverse offers more: it also includes digital assets, digital identities, and a holistic bl...
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