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Only 24h left for the first Melon Manager competition, it's still not too late to sign up and compete!

First Melon Manager Competition!

This competition aims to enable users to test the Melon protocol in a safe environment with play money on the Kovan Ethereum testnet. It is the first of many, and prizes and scope of the competitions will grow as time goes on!

General Terms & Registration

This particular competition will run from noon (12:00) CET Monday 24th July 2017 until noon (12:00) CET Friday 28th July 2017. Participation will take place on http://melon.network/ — please do read through the information and watch the video below before you start!

The competition itself will run on an early version (v0.2.0-alpha.3) of the Melon protocol which lives on top of the Ethereum Kovan test net.Participants will need to request Kovan Ether on Melonport’s Gitter if not provided with it automatically — https://gitter.im/melonproject/generalThe participation in the competition is free and open to everyone!Participants will need to provide an e-mail address for the first competition which will help us communicate with winners at the end of the competition.The email addresses will be linked to participants’ public address and fund names on the Kovan testnet but any record of these email addresses will be deleted at the end of the competition.Competing funds will be visible on the blockchain at all times as well as on the ranking board of the portal.For the first competition, prizes will be sent to the top three performing funds based on share price. The prizes will be Melonport t-shirts! There will be more competitions in the future, and as the underlying software continues to be developed, prizes will become more valuable and attractive.The purpose of the first competition is mainly testing for what is to come… Terms for trading and where to begin Install Parity or Metamask and set up a fund. Instructions on how to do so can be found here.After having signed up, participants will receive Kovan test net Ether to compete in the competition. The Kov...
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