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One of the first ever major real estate security token offerings accepts Dai

FAQ: How to Participate in THIRTEEN EAST + WEST

Premarketing of our Investment Opportunity for a tokenized security, THIRTEEN EAST + WEST, is now available for review. It will open soon for subscription requests; Indications of Interest are currently being accepted. You’ll find guidelines below on how to participate. Should you have further questions please contact us.

I’ve never logged in to Propellr — how do I get started?Visit Submit your email address in the popup for THIRTEEN EAST + WEST; you will receive a link shortly to complete your profile.

How do I access the deal?Log in to your Propellr account. Click on Opportunities, then on the image for THIRTEEN EAST + WEST.

Do I need to be an accredited investor?Yes. To view the deal, you will need to confirm you are an accredited investor. In order to subscribe to the deal, a third party must confirm you are accredited. These details are covered during profile completion.

What am I seeing when the deal pulls up?This is the Offering Memorandum (“OM”) — it lays out crucial information including deal stats, transaction and property highlights, the Operating Agreement, and transaction/investment risks. Review these details closely. Note that the Offering Memorandum is not investment advice.

How do I invest?If you see [PREMARKETING] at the top of the OM, this means Propellr is accepting Indications of Interest. Submit your desired amount and requested minimum allocation in the fields on the right of the OM — see image.

Note that minimum allocations on Propellr begin at $25K, and Indications of Interest are denominated in USD. When the Investment Opportunity opens for subscription, you will be able to confirm your request. You must complete all sections of your Investor Profile, including Income Verification, in order to successfully subscribe to a deal. Income Verification requires acknowledgement from a valid third party as mandated by federally regulated KY...

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