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Update: The Road to Multi-Collateral Dai—Kovan Release v0.2.6 - The Maker Blog


A month ago today (April 24), we announced the release of MCD v0.2.4 on the Kovan testnet.

That release, which included updates to the MCD CDP Portal, Dai.js, and New Contract Addresses, was met with great response from the community. Thank you to everyone who tested v0.2.4 and provided feedback. As we progress, the Maker Foundation’s goal is to be as transparent as possible with the community, and consistently clarify the scope of releases.

Today, we share the details of the most recent update, MCD v0.2.6, deployed on the Kovan testnet. The release covers the newest development updates within the following areas:  

CDP Portal Governance Dashboard Testchain DSS deployment scripts New Developer Guides

Prior to this release, we had a small v0.2.5 release that covered updates to the CDP Portal, Governance Dashboard, and the Testchain DSS deployment scripts. A changelog summary of the v0.2.5 release is below.

Summary of v0.2.5 Release (Changelog) Descriptive Changelog and Release Timeline

Since the v0.2.4 Kovan release, the following has been changed and/or added for the new  v0.2.6 release:

Testchain DSS Deployment Scripts (Highlights) Added Method Selection in order to raise the debt ceilings for collateral types via the config file for Kovan deployments (automatic or via executive vote). Enabled the usage of Multicall version to be compatible with solc 0.5. Added an implementation of DSR Proxy functions (dss-proxy-actions). Changed deployment steps to adapt to the modifications made in vow, flap, flip, cat and pot (dss-deploy). Minor changes to the Dai Token contract and fixed the expiration date (dss). Added configurable auction parameters (dss).

Full Release Updates

User Interface Changes

The MCD CDP Portal has been updated quite a bit in v0.2.6. The major changes are:

Improved proxy creation and the allowances flow for cold wallet users. Better indicati...
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