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Update: The Road to Multi-Collateral Dai—Kovan Release v0.2.4 - The Maker Blog


Two weeks ago (April 10), we announced the release of MCD v0.2.3 on the Kovan testnet. That release, which included updates to the MCD Core Contracts, the CDP Portal, Dai.js, and the deployment of the Governance Process, was met with great response from the community. Thank you to everyone who tested and provided feedback. As we progress, the Foundation’s goal is to be as transparent as possible with the community and consistently clarify the scope of releases. 

For context around MCD as a decentralized system that will operate in an autonomous way once deployed onto the blockchain, see the original The Road to Multi-Collateral Dai post here.

Today, we are releasing the third and most recent update, MCD 0.2.4, on the Kovan testnet. This release covers the newest development updates within:

MCD CDP Portal Dai.js  New Contract Addresses Descriptive Changelog (v0.2.3 < > v0.2.4) Timeline Version 0.2.2 (Released on March 28, 2019) Version 0.2.3 (Released on April 4, 2019) Version 0.2.4 (Released on April 18, 2019) Since the v0.2.3 Kovan release, the following has been changed and/or added for the newest 0.2.4 release: New Contract Addresses

The v0.2.4 release includes new collateral and MKR token addresses. This is important to note if you are looking to test and experiment with product UIs, as you will need to get the newest versions of the collateral and MKR tokens. 

The new MCD 0.2.4 Kovan contract addresses can be found by running: `curl-v`

Note: There were no changes made to the smart contracts for this release.

Core System Contracts Contract Name Description Contract Address MCD_VAT The CDP core engine keeps track of DAI credit system accounting. 0xae27cf485ffb59f46707f1bbdfec6655330cbdbe MCD_CAT The user-facing gateway contract for liquidating (biting) CDPs. 0x034d09bbef37ad79a8a94e24314f27a69f9cf4df MCD_FLAP The flap auct...
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