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Question about DUST limits

Hello everybody! When opening a Vault in Oasis, I can see that the dust limit for ETH-A and ETH-C is 5000 DAI. This limit is only for the first time the Vault mints the DAI, or this limit is for every time I generate DAI? For example, let's say I open an ETH-A vault with 5 ETH as collateral, with the current liquidation ratio I could mint around 5600 DAI. Let's say I take those DAI to leverage more and buy another 3 ETH which I again lock in my Vault. Now, I'll be able to mint around 3400 DAI... My question is, will I be able to mint those 3400 DAI or I should load more ETH in the Vault in order to mint again at least 5000 DAI. Hope I make myself clear, really appreciate if someone can give me a little light here. Thanks!
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