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Guide: Add a new collateral type to MCD on Kovan

Add a new collateral type to DCS - Kovan

Level: Advanced

Estimated Time: 90 - 120 minutes


Dai Credit System(DCS) deployed to the Kovan testnet now supports multiple collateral types. You can now add a new token as a collateral type, and allow users and developers to test various aspects of this integration. This guide covers the steps involved in setting up various contracts to initialize a new collateral type on the testnet. Adding it to the mainnet deployment will be handled by risk teams and those steps won't be covered in this guide.

Learning Objectives

After going through this guide you will get a better understanding of,

Configuring core DCS contracts Additional contracts required: Price Feed, Auction, Adapter. Governance steps to initialize the new collateral type. Pre-requisites

You will need a good understanding of these concepts to be able to work through this guide,

MCD 101. Collateralized Debt Positions(CDP). Risk parameters of a collateral type. Solidity. Dapptools - Dapp, Seth. Guide

Before starting this guide please install dapptools and setup seth for use with the Kovan testnet.

The guide below is updated for the 0.2.10 release of DCS on Kovan.

For this tutorial you will want to set the gas limit to 3,000,000


Execute these commands to initialize environment variables with addresses of the core DCS contracts.

export MCD_VAT=0x5ce1e3c8ba1363c7a87f5e9118aac0db4b0f0691 export MCD_CAT=0xfd5db7bd95c6a53f805dc2c631e62803e17de609 export MCD_JUG=0x1ff7cb4126d7690daaa1c0f1ba58bab06d53d4b8 export MCD_SPOT=0xcf68a9dc1e17a0d56ffedfb7e96ed6bf7e84458a export MCD_PAUSE=0x8fe4f004ed32c0d11d00de9f7aa65a37815211ae export MCD_PAUSE_PROXY=0xd8439f40a308964666800c03fb746e32901eb0e8 export MCD_ADM=0x03358a3959247ae8de50a52c7919b88ab5989b85 export MCD_END=0xc6cd35939523d258d5c28febf6017635a4ea858d export MCD_JOIN_DAI=0xe70a5307f5132ee3a6a056c5efb7d5a53f3cdbd7

Set a var...

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