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Do Green Bond ETFs make sense as collateral?

I was thinking about the The Case for Clean Money post and the idea that "we need to ensure a big portion of the collateral behind Dai is provably resilient collateral that will resist the impacts of climate change". I think that it could potentially be a good idea to add as collateral ETFs that track Green Bond Indices, like [GRNB]( or [FTSE]( Pros: "Green bonds are mostly backed by the full balance sheet of the issuer, and not only by the cash flows related to the climate-friendly project financed from the proceeds" ([page 56]( They also provide the benefits of diversification. Cons: The returns of some of these ETFs [have been pretty low]( imo. In general, I think they would be pretty safe from wild price fluctuations and they would provide investment in clean energy. but I'm not sure that they would provide enough yield. What do you guys think?
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