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Brunch Autopsy: Maker, Mosendo and Mimosas with $DAI - Depfi

Proof of Brunch: Showcasing Mosendo’s Proof of Concept with Burritos & Mimosas

It was 11am on a Saturday morning and a new use case for payments was being born. Breakfast Burritos 🌯 and Mimosas 🍾 were being snapped up by people using MakerDAO’s DAI through Mosendo’s proof of concept application.

Upon arrival to Starfish in San Francisco they were given a QR code to scan with their smartphones. Once scanned, their phones opened the web browser and on their screen they saw “Redeeming Payment…”

In the background, 10 DAI was being claimed, a web wallet set up and a state channel being established using Connext Network’s Layer 2 Solution.

The payment redemption takes between 30–90 seconds as it’s getting six confirmations on the Ethereum blockchain. However, once setup, all transactions are free and nearly instant on the Mosendo demo.

Then people headed to the bar, where they could buy Breakfast Burritos 🌯 and Mimosas 🍾 using this freshly acquired DAI⬙.

At the bar, Crypto Chef Bernado Teixeira, who often caters for crypto events around San Francisco, was delighted to see a long held dream of his finally coming to life…

People were able to pay for his food using crypto.

By simply scanning the QR code of the receiving app, excited brunchers were able to send from their web wallet and see the nearly instant transaction happen before their eyes.

People started asking “Is there going to be a presentation?”

Whilst the focus of the event was for people to experience Mosendo as the payment method of choice, Co-founder and CSO Tom Howard got up and shared a few words about the mission and focus for Mosendo’s roll out.

There were a few questions about the future of the user experience, as the proof of concept in use at the event is just designed for the demonstrating the working instant and free sending infrastructure. There were hints about a soft launch of Mosendo native at Berlin Blockc...

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