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A curated, community compiled list of everywhere you can use Dai

Use Dai

A curated, community compiled list of everywhere you can use the decentralized Dai stablecoin

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Contents Categories Miscellany Agencies and Consultancies Protofire - Protofire specializes in software engineering for decentralized infrastructures, protocols and applications. ScopeLift - Software consultancy with expertise in crypto, web, and native mobile development. Charity and Tipping NeedsList - Real-time needs registry for disaster relief and humanitarian aid. SendCrypto Bot - Tip with Dai on Twitter, Slack and Reddit. Unicef Ventures, France - Invests in frontier technologies, and how they could be used to solve humanity鈥檚 greatest challenges. E-commerce Bidali - Buy gift cards with Dai. OpenSea - Buy and sell digital good and assets. Make offers in Dai. Finance, Investment, Trading AirSwap - Trade Dai for ETH and other popular tokens instantly or with OTC desks Compound - Earn interest on Dai via algorithmic Money Markets. Dharma - Lend your Dai and earn interest. dYdX - The most powerful open trading platform for crypto assets. KyberSwap - A simple way to exchange tokens. No deposit, no order book, competitive spreads. Neutral - Neutral Dollar is a metastable basket of stablecoins. A digital dollar with lower volatility and globally shared liquidity. Maker - Get loans in Dai against collateralized ETH. Nuo - Lend, borrow, and margin trade your Dai, ETH, and other ERC20 tokens TokenSets - Automated rebalancing of crypto portfolios supporting Dai, ETH, and other tokens Uniswap - Decentralized protocol for swapping ETH, Dai and other tokens. Freelancers Marketplaces Bounties Network - Earn Dai, ETH, or other tokens by working on freelance projects or fund your own Gitcoin - Platform for crowdfunding and freelance developers for your software projects. Bounty0x - Fund or complete bounties...
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