Estate Esdt

self.maiar_exchange8d ago
THE ESTATE The ESTATE is a real estate project built to integrate a virtual real estate to an actual real estate on the blockchain. Its a project for the passive generation of income for transactors/holders. It is also a non-fungible token representing actual properties and serving as contract of sales of real estate properties. HOW DOES IT WORK? First of all, the idea is built in order to help individuals to own properties in real life by simply interacting with these NFTs. It helps them to spread their interest on property within certain time frames and helps them actualize meeting the goals. An individual or a group of individuals can make purchase of a property and how this works in terms of benefit is; when a group of individuals purchase the same supply of NFT, one can place bid for the other's and who ever finds his or her bids more actualizing can decide on the nature of that NFT. Secondly, a group of owners can decide to own a piece of land/property and earn benefits from this property by voting on what to do with the land. WHAT CAN BE DONE WITH A PROPERTY? A property can either be voted to be resold as a complete nft supply. This means, all holders of each piece of supply can cast a vote to resell this property or rent the property out for lease or build and make rental profit from it. This will be broadly explained later. HOW DO I KNOW WHO ARE HOLDING THIS PROPERTIES? A discord chat room will be available to holders of various properties with tags to their specific holdings. This will help users to get to know each other. EXPLAIN RENTAL PROFIT? There would be an NFT series for investors who are looking into Developmental Real estate. This series of holders are responsible for investing in the building plans of properties. Discord Twitter: Esdt Market Website coming soon. For more information visit our discord channel.