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What is the value of the Lykke coin?

I've been doing a lot of research on Lykke ever since someone mentioned it on r/cryptocurrency. It's a very interesting concept and I do think decentralized exchanges will be a big part of the future. Lykke is promising because it already has an app out. However, I have some questions/concerns that I wasn't able to find answers for by reading the whitepaper, website, or this sub. *1. "Lykke earns revenue from value-add services such as liquidity provision, issuance services, white-labeling, and B2B consulting." As I understand it, Lykke is planning to pay dividends in the future. But I don't understand where this dividend income is coming from. Maybe someone can elaborate on this? *2. The current Lykke distribution seems very top-heavy, with the top 10 wallets holding 82% of the coin supply. Even if you eliminate the top 2 wallets, wallets 3-10 hold about 25%. *3. What's stopping a platform like Ethereum from starting their own decentralized exchange to rival Lykke? They have a larger user base and could easily set up a similar exchange.
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