Updated Roadmap and Invitation-only Alpha Signup

5Y Ago
Updated Roadmap and Invitation-only Alpha Signup

Greetings everyone! It’s time for a quick update on Lunyr’s roadmap. As described in the previous announcement, the Invitation-only Alpha release will be on the Ethereum Mainnet. This decision has led to major improvements in the expected delivery time of various features and also means the current milestone has accelerated from the Stardust release to the Celestial release.

The Celestial release will feature the Content submission system v1.0, Peer review system v1.0, full WYSIWYG editor, Article Discovery, and HNR rewards. Users will be able to accumulate HNR rewards, which will have much more functionality later.

We plan on implementing CBN rewards in the Interstellar release so that users will be able to earn CBN; however, LUN distribution rewards will not be available until later testing stages.

Updated Roadmap

Celestial — Mainnet (Invitation-only Alpha):

Content submission system v1.0Peer review system v1.0HNR rewardsWYSIWYG editorArticle DiscoveryFixing bugsImproving UXSlowly adding contributors, quality control

Interstellar — Mainnet (Public):

CBN rewardsHandling performance issuesSmart Contract Security upgrades


Basic Advertising RevenueContributor DistributionUpgraded Incentive System

Nebula and on: TBA

Invitation-only Alpha Signup

The Celestial release is coming soon and we would like to invite community members to sign up for testing and providing feedback. If selected, you’ll receive an email with further instructions. Please note that there are a limited number of seats and the sooner you sign up the more likely you’ll be able to participate as an Invitation-only Alpha tester. Please follow the link here and fill out as much as possible.