Just some ramblings on losing a little bit of faith

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self.LTONetwork1m ago
Let me first say that I'm pretty much all in on LTO, thats how I liked the vision and the team when I discovered them. Since then my brother also thinks the same thing, despite me only mentioning my investments, no shilling was done by me , he did his own research. It was kind of a reassurance that I'm not completely crazy (or maybe we both are). Anyway, my faith in the project has been dwindling lately, I have to confess. And it is NOT about the price. My average is 0.29 as of now so I'm down but thats not the point. I'll get to it later. But first, let's bring out the positives. Only thing I still like the same is Rick who is the definition of a good leader for me, based on what I've seen the way he conducts himself in interviews. I also have utmost respect for those who worked long years in Big4 Consulting companies as I experienced first hand just how many smart and hardworking, devoted and driven people work at these firms. I consider this a very solid background and something I look for if I want to invest money in crypto. And I mean sorry to other projects but I will not invest money in someone who only worked at the cryptospace. Real problems and solutions in the business world is what drawn me towards LTO and I feel this is still somewhat true. Problem #1: NFTs Okay, I get it. this is the future. A big maybe but okay sure. However, I couldn't help but somewhat feel disappointed and maybe can I say betrayed when I saw that spinning lambo tweet about LTO NFTs. Like, come on man, I specifically came and invested in this to avoid this stupid part of the cryptospace which I despise. If I want to see lambo tweets I might as well go buy apecoin or shit like that. BIG NO for me. LTO should conduct itself in a professional manner, highlighting the real valuable part of NFT technology for business and governmental bodies. I think there's definitely something there but not yet in this decade, probably. Problem #2: Communicating Kate and VIDT Look, maybe these partnerships are working and creating value. I don't know really. That is the problem, we are not told anything. Kate has been setting of their nodes for a year now? What is that? Please apologies if I'm mistaken here but I really do not think there were any official communication on these. Problem #3: Lack of transparency on the financials If LTO is aiming to be sort of similar to a regular company I feel like financial performance should be at least touched upon. It is in a startup phase still, its not expected to turn profits just yet. Its okay. However year-to-year revenue results as well as major spendings could be communicated to us I believe. I'm not arguing that they are snorting cocaine and going on vacation on investor money, we just simply don't know. I asked this question on telegram the other day and got replied with backlash by certain community members. I might be wrong here but I don't think it is unreasonable to at least communicate the revenue figures. Convince me otherwise in the comments! Problem #4: Triall I just don't get this, man. Is it really a problem in the clinical testing world that the datas are corrupted or not reliable? I legitimately never heard about any issues or stories like that ever and thus kind of makes me think this is a solution created to a made-up problem. Its not like the casino project which is cool as it really makes life easier to both casinos and gamblers as well. I just have trouble to see the value in the Triall partnership. Again, please convince me this is a good thing! Problem #5: marketing efforts Can you please not fucking tweet emojis and stuff like that every day. Makes me cringe so hard that a project that has people like Rick and Arnold gets associated by unprofessional shit like this. I had enough and please just stop. This area needs a complete rework imho. It has been an absolute failure as it failed to get traction and looks stupid too.