What do you think the biggest benefit of holding LRC will be?

self.loopringorg1m ago
I hold a dec amount of LRC, and although I have a ton of faith in the expanding Loopring ecosystem, I went into a bit of a tizzy reading and re-reading the Loopring [Tokenomics](https://medium.loopring.io/lrc-tokenomics-v2-1e6fd99e9e9c) page looking for what LRC will actually be USED for. It seems there are a bunch of useage cases, AMM fees are paid out in LRC, eventually it may be deflationary, it is powering the relayer, etc. I came out of this tho thinking that the real value of LRC will be the voting power that it affords the token holder in the DAO. If Loopring is going to be as impactful as I think it will, being at the table with essentially DRS'ed "shares" of Loopring and a voice in how the protocol/tokenomics/etc. evolves will be massively valuable. From here, you'd be ABLE to change parts of the protocol to not only make Loopring a better ecosystem, but add more value to the LRC tokens themselves. If all DAO participants are LRC holders, it would make sense that the changes that happen in the future would not only benefit the ecosystem, but the LRC holders as well. Tell me if i am wrong! or if there are better use cases already!