Wake me up in 10 years..

self.loopringorg7m ago
Hola, I’m an early GME Ape who initially came here to do my own due diligence on this Loopring company everyone is rumoring to be connected with the soon to be greatest company on the planet, GameStop. With the help of a lot of your DD and my own source checking and research I got bullish about LRC pretty quickly. Using the opportunity of wanting to invest, I stumbled my way through wallet creations, first time crypto purchases, insane butt raping gas fees as I unknowingly moved it around from l1 platforms, to ultimately getting them all to my l2 wallet and establishing ramp to buy more once we dipped. I’ve learned a ton, much like I continue to do on the journey with GS, so thanks for all the work put out through this sub. Now. Here’s my strategy moving forward.. DIAMOND FUCKING HANDS! I’m HODLing these things for a cool decade before I consider taking any profits. I’ll be watching my thousands turn to tens of thousands, my tens of thousands turn in to hundreds of thousands and the hundreds turn into millions. Blockchain WILL play a massive role in the future of the world. Being early as fuck once in life is all it takes, and supporting LRC for the long haul is the way. Thanks again to all that contribute the good stuff to the sub. Cheers