This information is for anyone who used a Metamask wallet to attach to the GameStop beta site but wants to use their loopring wallet instead.

self.loopringorg1m ago
I was finally able to update my Loopring profile by using wallet connect on a PC and scanning the QR with my loop app. But since I already had stolen the user name I wanted by assigning that to my MM wallet so it wouldn't let me use it. I simply signed in with MM wallet, and changed the name to something else, then signed back in with loop wallet and lo and behold, I was able to change it to my preference. Additional information, I was able to verify my email using Gmail, but for some reason my yahoo email address never got the verify email(I checked spam too). I know this isn't rocket science, but maybe this will help someone as I was worried about locking up the username with MM. At least for now, it's easy peasy to correct.