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Stay Positive :)

I know many of you are either new to crypto or just haven’t held a coin through a crash. I just want you all to know, it’s okay. It is a psychological battle and nothing is going to happen overnight. You can’t keep checking the price every second because small movements really don’t matter. I have dealt with this before, I was unemployed and threw $5x,xxx in a coin that only went down from there. All I did was look at the price and thought about it 24/7. It was like an obsession and it was detrimental to my mental health. I eventually got sick of it and sold. The next day it went up a good bit and all I accomplished was losing $7k. Stay positive, I have severe anxiety and I’m not worried at all about the current price of LRC even though I bought in at 3.15. Good things take time, great things take time and patience. Find a hobby, talk to your friends, binge watch a new show, just stop looking at the price. You’re just hurting yourself by doing so.
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