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So the DEX Project on NEO Roadmap is not Loopring. But cross exchange is planned with Loopring. Bullish enough

Canesin announced the NEON Meta Exchange. Decentralised Exchange for ERC-20 and NEP5 Token. The DEX Project on the NEO Roadmap, on which many people thought it would be LRC is unfortunately another one. But its planned to be able to cross exchange with LRC. "..Loopring on developing cross chain protocols, with the goal of allowing execution of ERC20 and NEP5 token trades, across LRC and NEX" I think this is also quite nice and bullish enough. LRC will be on of the big guys for DEX Projects with the most advanced tech https://neonewstoday.com/development/city-zion-announce-neon-meta-exchange-nex/
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