questions on liquidity providers and farming in loopring?

self.loopringorg1m ago
hi everyone - excited to be part of the loopring journey, going through the tutorials learning everything I can. I recently added liquidity (eth/lrc) via the AMM pool (eth/lrc) and my understanding is that the reward for added liquidity (via the pool link) is: * .15% liquidity fee earned by lp providers ( link here - []( ) * liquidity mining reward program ( []( ) * i'm not sure if this is still active? the article is from 2020? my understanding is that the goal of the incentive program is to add liquidity on on these pairs? LRC⇄ETH, ETH⇄USDT, and WBTC⇄ETH. **Have I stated the financial benefits of joining the liquidity pool?** ​ **What is the purpose of the 'farm' link? when I click the link there is nothing? (see below).** My understanding is that in the context of crypto, yield farming (also called liquidity mining) offers an additional benefit of providing tokens *in addition* to the fees collected in fees previously mentioned. Then you can do more exotic things like borrow against the asset, etc. Is the purpose of the farm link to do something like that with loopring? liquidity mining? ​ Moreover..there is no more staking of LRC, -> it was sunset jan 2021 ( []( ) and replaced for a tokenomics model that focuses on liquidity pooling, insurers (does not exist yet) and a DAO (does not exist yet) Have I stated the protocol fee distributions of the new tokenomics correctly? ​ Thanks everyone!