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Loopring is future proof! Here’s why…

Many of you are here for the GME partnership but that is by no means Loopring’s biggest selling point. The reason I’m here and why I’m planning on holding long term is the tech! ETH has a problem, gas fees! Everyone seems to think that ETH 2.0 upgrade will solves this but ETH 2.0 upgrade will NOT decrease gas fees. ETH will be the dominant blockchain there’s no doubt about that, the amount of projects built and being built on it, the NFT collections and much more. So, when the wider crypto community realises that ETH gas fees will not be reducing anytime soon the narrative will shift massively to Zkrollups. Loopring is already leading this field, I believe we currently have the most transactions out of every layer 2 provider. Next, we’ve seen the introduction of an on-ramp to the Loopring wallet in many localities recently but the introduction of an off-ramp is massive! This essentially means that the Loopring wallet can operate just as any centralised exchange (such as coinbase) but with many greater benefits, the key one being you actually own your crypto. The amount of money going through CEX’s at the moment is staggering. If Loopring could claim just 5% of that it would be billions! Everyone’s heard the stories of people being hurt by CEX’s and everyone’s looking for a way out, Loopring can be be that way! As you can see I’m really bullish on Loopring but not from hype and the GME partnership (I’ll still hyped about GME partnership) but for the tech. Loopring could honestly be a huge player in crypto and realistically could be a top 10 crypto in years to come. It can be revolutionary! So who’s hodling with me!!!
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