Loopheads owners - 25 million LRC, owner portfolio and owner population

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>As a weekend project and lucky owner of a Loophead from first drop I wanted to explore a bit the statistics for Loophead owners. How many LRC do the Loophead' owners own? How many of us own this much or that much LRC? Here are facts - and more info below. Disclaimer: some of this might be having errors. I scrapped [explorer.loopring.io](https://explorer.loopring.io) starting from account 32933 [https://explorer.loopring.io/account/32933](https://explorer.loopring.io/account/32933) which is the account from which I had a TransferNFT for my own Loophead.I only discovered late I had a Loophead - because on iOS in he wallet you won't see NFTs (yet). Use [explorer.loopring.io](https://explorer.loopring.io) and check yours!There might be more but I found (scraping over the weekend) about 1990 TransferNFT which seems about correct for those stats. **2% of owner (35 owners) have more than 100,000 LRC and below 1 million LRC** still in their account. Some whales here - and **2 owners have more than 1 million LRC**. Some with also a mix of LRC and ETH. Found a whale with 708 ETH.Here are 3 of the biggest holder of Loophead (by LRC and ETH) 1,690,420 LRC (you could have guess that number right !! He/she will never sell) : [https://explorer.loopring.io/account/102576](https://explorer.loopring.io/account/102576) 114,570 LRC but largest 708 ETH (and Swap activist)[https://explorer.loopring.io/account/34957](https://explorer.loopring.io/account/34957) 1,223,544 LRC + 1,080,832 USDC + 324 ETH (a crypto diversified) [https://explorer.loopring.io/account/12059](https://explorer.loopring.io/account/12059) **About 75% of Loophead owners have less than 5,000 (5 thousands) LRC in their account.** **The 25% others (which is about 500 owners) have about 96% of the 25 million LRC that correlates to accounts with Loophead ownership.** Don't get me wrong - I find having such diversity is great - it really shows big owners, big crypto owners, or small or new owners are having trust, fun and belief in LRC and are rewarded equally by Loopring thru those Loopheads drops. Love you all! https://preview.redd.it/d457sqel86t81.png?width=1194&format=png&auto=webp&s=b250ef18d8a66b680e6ae1f65e10bb5c3aa6c2f7 In raw number by bucket of LRC owned (at time of scrapping) [careful - I am dumb & lazy af - read careful the bucket means for example \\"35 owners of Loopheads have between 100K and \*less than\* 1M LRC and collectively they have 7,8 million LRC\\"](https://preview.redd.it/sbq0xb3v96t81.png?width=1062&format=png&auto=webp&s=54348cf43fc64ae861c6fef34dc2b88a2c03fb4d) Some of the data scraped also shows 392 owners with 0 LRC. Here are examples - some accounts active but moved on, some passive and just happy random winners of a Loophead drops! Gents, please load with some LRC and use the great on-ramp if you can. Don't miss the dip and feeling of ownership even few tokens especially in a nice L2 wallet! [https://explorer.loopring.io/account/84854](https://explorer.loopring.io/account/84854) (with some 4 ETH activity but since then dropped)and also another example[https://explorer.loopring.io/account/97874](https://explorer.loopring.io/account/97874) (small deposit, account from March 25, and won Loophead 6 days ago) Some accounts did had the Loophead transferred but they have transferred it around somewhere else - here is one such example.[https://explorer.loopring.io/account/84900](https://explorer.loopring.io/account/84900) Disclaimer again - I love crunching stats and using code to find things that human brain and eyes cannot find otherwise without machines. I can write code and like to share anything I find. None of this is pointing at a specific account or owner, and there could also be Loopring employees owning Loophead or being whale or being paid in LRC (be your own bank). The data I have here is on the chain - I am not pointing at anyone private data. For the techies out there - no you can't just curl grep the explorer. I had to learn GraphQL over the weekend just enough to scrap it from [https://api.thegraph.com/subgraphs/name/loopring/loopring](https://api.thegraph.com/subgraphs/name/loopring/loopring) with some python code.I can share code or raw google spreadsheet with the result if there is interest to do something more with this - but I don't want to dox my identity or look like I am collecting your personal info thru a spreadsheet - so just discuss this below if interested and don't tell me to post it on github as I don't want to dox my account (no DM - let's be transparent to each other in the below discussion!). Here is the population of Loophead owner by LRC owned (as time of scrapping) https://preview.redd.it/m6a5z7rgd6t81.png?width=1048&format=png&auto=webp&s=0483fa04e53f064c439f13b6e7db72022da0c410 Enjoy happy owners of LRC and happy owners of Loopheads! More Loopheads drop ongoing by the way - thank you Loopring team you are creating something truly awesome. ​ \*EDIT\* the comments are locked . I have messaged the mods. I am changing flair from NFT to Discussion as well just in case that is the problem. No idea why this is locked.