Layerswaped from cdc to Loopring wallet. My tokens now.

self.loopringorg13d ago
Followed step 1 by 1. Here my story for those wondering. 1- Withdraw from cdc app to cdc exchange. 2- 3- initiante transfer 4- create account on bransfer 5- copied / paste api from cdc 6- added transfer from bransfer to cdc contact 7- waited 24 hours 8- back on layerswap 9-redo withdrawal on layerswap 10-withdraw from cdc to bransfer address 11- feel high anxiety rush for a few minutes 12- received confirmation by mail of the transfer 13- open LoopringWallet and felt secured and now owner of my LRC 14- went to Reddit to share my story and maybe help a few nervous loopers to get property of their tokens before CEX puts some shady tricks on us. I’m by no way an expert since I’ve only done it once so even if I’d want to help others with questions my knowledge is limited. I just hope some I could shed some light on the processs. I know I would have like to see such a post before actually doing it. So now there’s one. From now on it’s on-ramp only for my new LRC. No more CEX. Edit: format