Just like GameStop, I expect Loopring to squeeze

self.loopringorg1m ago
* Tons of Boomers and Crypto noobs don't have a clue about wallets, etc. They are nearly all buying on Coinbase or similar centralized exchanges because it's easy. * Gamestop, using Loopring's protocol will allow LRC transfers to their exchange. This exists now via Layerswap to Loopring's wallet so I would expect the same for Gamestop's wallet. * Nearly every ape that has bought LRC on Coinbase will transfer their LRC to Gamestop's wallet. * If Coinbase has a leveraged position on LRC (and we KNOW they have massive leverage because that's how Steve Cohen rolls), there is going to be a liquidity crisis FAST on Coinbase. So Ryan Cohen (or other whales) if you are listening, I suggest you add millions of LRC tokens on Coinbase just for the shits and giggles before transferring those back to Gamestop's wallet when the time is right. Enjoy the cheap loops while you can. LRC is about to get CRAZY.