JP Morgan, Ethereum, and Joe Lubin: How will this affect Loopring?

self.loopringorg1m ago
[]( Basically one of Etherum's founders, Joe Lubin, made it easier for whales to disguise their ETH purchases and with ETH moving to Proof of Stake, the more you hold, the more control you have over the protocol. Lubin then started a company called ConsenSys which operates on the Ethereum blockchain. ConsenSys then broke off and made a company called Infura. When Infura went down in 2020, it paralyzed the ETH protocol and people couldn't withdraw their ETH. ConsenSys also owns MetaMask. MetaMask uses Infura to run their wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask also banned IPs from Iran and Venezuela. Lubin --> ETH --> ConsenSys --> Infura --> MetaMask MetaMask and Infura were owned by ConsenSys AG, but they were moved to ConsenSys Software Incorporated *without* a shareholder vote. JP Morgan has a 10% stake in ConsenSys Software Incorporated, I.E., JP Morgan has a 10% stake in major ETH infrastructure and MetaMask. *''Even before the very first block on Ethereum was mined and ConsenSys was formed, we've collaborated with JP Morgan on Ethereum proofs of concept and production systems... We look forward to continuing our multifaceted partnership with JP Morgan for many years.''* \- Joe Lubin And the cherry on top is... ConsenSys is a partner with the World Economic Forum and so is Joe Lubin. \------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So how does this play into Loopring and their ecosystem/protocol? I know Loopring is run on Layer 2, but it is still run on Ethereum. The foundation that Loopring is run on seems shady because a major bank was collaborating with the founders of Ethereum even before the first block was mined.... Will Ethereum transitioning from PoW to PoS affect Loopring at all? TBH, I thought Ethereum wasn't involved in any big bank shenanigans, but there are, which is extremely disappointing. Not to mention the infrastructure company that Ethereum runs on is partnered with the WEF. I hope this can't negatively impact Loopring, but I am smooth.