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Announcement - Fellowship of the Ring

Hello community. I'm here to announce that the Fellowship of the Ring (FoR) community is now **officially funded by Loopring's Foundation**. I invite you to join us and be a part of this great project! In the same spirit of City of Zion, the community developing for NEO's project, FoR seeks to attract open source developers (also mathematicians, game-theorists, economists, translators or any other specialization we might find fruitful for the moment) who wish to be rewarded in LRC for their contributions to Loopring's project. Join the Loopring's slack at https://loopring-team.slack.com and ask for more information in #developers. Our initial governance model is the following: (https://github.com/Fellowship-of-the-Ring/Governance) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Community Constitution** The Fellowship of the Ring (FoR) community has been formed to give contributors a collaborative way to contribute to the Looping project in an officially sponsored capacity. The community is free to choose how best they would like to contribute so long as it is for the overall betterment of both the Loopring project and the FoR community. The FoR council will set an approximate set of goals for projects that are in line with the Loopring project roadmap. The initial structure of FoR will be as follows: 1. The FoR community will be lead by a council, made up of 7 seats. 2. Amongst the 7 council seats, 3 seats will make up the high council. 3. Anyone can apply for a FoR membership after contributing in a meaningful way. Generally this means by contributing to FoR’s github repositories via pull requests. General Guidelines: 4. All members, council and high council are free to continue to work for outside organizations and contribute to other open source projects, without limitation. 5. Any pull request submitted to FoR’s github is eligible for a reward (determined by a vote by th...
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