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Why is Core Blockchain better than others? PART II (Ping Exchange)

To date, there are more than 500 crypto exchanges, some standing out more than others. With the numbers increasing rapidly, some exchanges focus on more niche markets including P2P, knowledge-based trading, ICO launching, DeFi etc.

So what really matters within an exchange to make it successful?

With the demands and requirements of the market, an exchange needs to focus on more than just trading financial mediums such as FIAT and Crypto. There are several other financial instruments that are traded more frequently and the market is rapidly expanding with the movement in the digital economy.

With the soon to be released Ping Exchange, there are some really interesting features and services implemented into the platform. The exchange boasts about being a hybrid exchange based on the liquidity and functionality of a centralized exchange platform however focused on the security and confidentiality of a decentralized exchange. By providing a platform where assets can be digitized/tokenized and act as securities, the exchange opens up a much broader market which is a form of a safeguard for when the volatility of the crypto market is at its low ends.

With exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, etc. as competition, who can survive the dips in the market, it is crucially important to plan the features and services along with the approach you take to enter the crypto exchange world. Ping Exchange seems to have done its research with their approach of being a hybrid exchange and offering P2P (peer to peer) trading, along with assets, commodities, and metals. They have even added a community barter trading feature, addressing not only the financial sector but also local communities.

However, there is not only features and services which are critical, an exchange needs to provide a secure environment to ensure the safety of the users. With the extremely unfortunate events of several exchanges being hacked and suffered sever...

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