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US Anti-Encryption Bill Forces Companies To Build Security Holes In Apps/Hardware, and Some Effects Will Spill Over To The Crypto World...

It's so strange how both parties seem to magically come together for the worst things.

But apparently nothing unites a usually broken system more than when they need to vote on going to war, or to step on the right of citizens with bills like the Patriot Act, and now, the 'EARN IT Act', which has been officially submitted by Senators Lindsey Graham (R) and Richard Blumenthal (D).

They Want The Ability To See EVERYTHING...

But a bill saying that wouldn't stand a chance, so it carefully disguises itself as a way to protect children and victims of human trafficking. 

The US Government has expressed past frustration with major tech companies like Apple, when they refused to unlock a phone belonging to an accused terrorist, and Facebook for insisting that messages between users in WhatsApp remain encrypted.

Well, I'm sure they didn't think of this while writing it (sarcasm) - but this bill just happens to solve all their problems! While the bill's language focuses on protecting children, the end result is the power to decrypt encrypted data. 

A press release in June from the Attorney General which pushed for tech companies to build backdoors that would allow for law enforcement to decrypt encrypted data gives us a glimpse into the true goals of these agencies.

The Bait And Switch...

The bill creates a commission comprised of the Attorney General along with law enforcement agencies that would determine a set of "best practices" or policies that a company would follow to both detect, and then provide evidence of illegal conduct happening on their devices or online platforms. 

While the bill lacks specifics on what these 'best practices' would be, it's safe to say they will not accept "we can't see what the messages contain, because they are encrypted" as an answer. 

While these backdoors will be created in the name of protecting children, once it's there, it's there.

With this major security ...

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