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UPDATE: Am I dumb for investing in bitpetite?

I posted 17 days ago upon initiating a small investment on (see link below for original post). With reasonable skepticism, I sent 10 LTC. If you don't know, bitpetite is a crypto tumbler which swaps investor coins with customer coins, collects a fee from the customers and pays investors interest. The deal was 6 weeks, 47% ROI, payouts hourly that can be withdrawn for no fees. So 10 LTC becomes 14.7 LTC, and I'm officially a money launderer. 17 days into it- I'm happy to report that it's all working famously. I've been paid out about $400 worth of LTC thus far which have been sent to my wallet without a hitch. Many folks say it's a scam yet I have not heard from anybody with an actual story of losing coins on bitpetite (IF YOU HAVE, PLEASE COMMENT!!). I have only been able to find folks proving they're making money from it (check out vids on youtube). Not sure how to post screen caps of my income but I shit you not - it pays. 4.5% daily. Worth noting also that the chat support has been excellent and responsive both times I've engaged them with questions. Obvious disclaimer but I assume the platform can disappear at any moment and I'd lose whatever is in there, so I most certainly have not put all my eggs in this basket. Great way to earn extra coins without mining, however. Original post:
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