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Three Litecoin subreddits you should start following

Reddit, the social news aggregation and discussion website, is building a name for itself as one of the most useful websites for cryptocurrency supporters to share information with one another.

The site, dubbed “the front page of the internet”, is home to an array of cryptocurrency communities which enable newcomers, experienced traders, and miners to find out the latest market news, get trading tips, and receive guidance from their peers.

It’s particularly useful if you’re interested in coins other than Bitcoin. The “gold” coin is the primary focus of thousands of news articles and how-to guides, whereas credible information on Bitcoin alternatives is usually few and far between.

Litecoin, Bitcoin’s silver counterpart, doesn’t get nearly as much attention as Bitcoin, despite being one of the most popular digital currencies out there. On Reddit, however, it’s possible to find several forums devoted to all things Litecoin.

We’ve listed three of the most popular Litecoin subreddits below, but if you’re new to Reddit, you’ll first need to get to grips with how it works.

Reddit 101

The idea behind Reddit is to let the online community decide what is newsworthy by allowing them to post their own links and information. Users vote on these posts, and the ones with the most votes rise to the top.

To use Reddit, you’ll first need to open an account. You can then start following the subreddits that interest you.

Subreddits are like individual forums devoted to one particular topic. All subreddit names begin with a lowercase “r” followed by a slash, then the name of the subreddit. Each subreddit is hosted by a moderator and has its own rules regarding posts. Once you’ve found a subreddit you like, click “join” and posts from that subreddit will appear on your Reddit homepage.

Three Litecoin-focused subreddits you might want to follow are:


With 202,509 subscribers, this is the place to ...

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