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The Litecoin market is getting more unified and accessible: OTC venues—featuring some of the most competitive LTC prices and least trade slippage—now available on the same integrated order book that also includes all major LTC exchanges.

Since 2014, SFOX has been providing large-scale crypto traders and institutions access to the best price discovery and trade execution by connecting them to all major cryptocurrency exchanges from a single integrated order book. Today, we’re proud to announce that OTC trading venue B2C2 is joining that order book, making best-price trade execution even better.

Here’s how SFOX traders will benefit from having an OTC broker integrated onto our order book:

Access to better crypto prices. OTC venues often have some of the best cryptocurrency prices available anywhere — but, historically, they’ve only been available to the very largest customers. Now, SFOX traders have access to those prices from the same order book that already gives them access to all major crypto exchanges. More market price transparency. The crypto prices of OTC venues are oftentimes some of the best out there, but they’re also typically much harder to access than exchanges’ prices. Now, you’ll see OTC prices right alongside exchange prices on SFOX’s integrated order book. Deeper liquidity and less slippage. With one of the leading OTC venues added to our order book, SFOX traders will have access to much more liquidity, which means their largest orders run less risk of significantly moving the market. Hidden order execution. Unlike exchange order books, OTC venues’ orders are publicly visible to large swaths of the crypto market. So, whenever part or all of your SFOX order is filled through an OTC venue, that trade will be effectively hidden from the market at large, reducing the risk of your trade prompting a market response and incurring slippage.

Our partnership with B2C2 is just the latest in a series of updates we’ve been rolling out to improve the SFOX experience and give our traders unparalleled edge every time they buy or sell BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, or BSV.

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