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The Future of Litecoin

So I've been into Litecoin for years now. I think long-term it has a lot of potential, and I've personally been continuing to rack up on it when I can. That said, I really feel like we as a community need to address the future of crypto in a more objective manner, not just idealistically. I feel that we're approaching (maybe slowly) a time where a majority of cryptocurrencies are going to fail and fall into obscurity, aside from Bitcoin. And I feel that, as a community, we can ultimately make or break whether it succeeds or not. But I feel certain things need to be understood more if we're expecting to succeed. 1.) We Can't Solely Rely on Charlie Lee I love Charlie. I think he's a very honest and down to Earth guy. I also think that we as a community can't be so reliant on him with the success of LTC. If anything happens to him (God forbid) or he's unable to take part in the growth of It, will it just collapse? From the looks of it the project is still heavily tied to him and his moves. I'm not saying I don"t understand why, I'm saying that it's something that can't continue long term for the growth and success of the project. We need a stronger community to fill that void. 2.) Stronger "Grassroots" Support The biggest benefit of Bitcoin is the raw level of support it sees from the community. People are constantly joining in on Bitcoin development, whether it be apps, block explorers, wallets, etc. They're starting up businesses and websites based on it, and they're even teaching class on it. And while LTC is riding on the coattails of Bitcoin with a lot of these things, it would benefit us more to do our part to get the word out and contribute to the space. Communities with stronger support can get things done, like we saw with Vertcoin and Vertpig/Coinzark. That was a community driven project, regardless of whether it was successful or not. 3.) Use Case I feel like the use case of Litecoin will be huge aspect to the longevity and viability of it long ter...
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