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A critique of the centralized vs. decentralized conversation

It has been almost three years now since we last heard the promises of mass adoption, usability, scalability, proof of X and all those phrases no one really understood. While others saw that time as a period of prosperity, I would have to disagree and point out a few flaws in the system. Marketing ruins everything As our history would teach us, marketing is a cancer of our society and no one seems to care too much about it. During the 20k days when Bitcoin was the worry of the world, marketing showed how nasty it can really be.

Thanks to marketing Bitconnect gathered enough people to cause a community-wide meltdown. Referral programs provided an incentive for people like Trevon James to pull thousands in the mud and take their hard-earned cash before the pyramid collapses.

Marketing also introduced false promises and outright lies that are used by community representatives to this day. Here is just one example.

Some would think that 11k people watched a Livestream that was hosted by Dlive and Justin Sun.

Since I know both of those names very well I dug a bit deeper and here is what I found.

The average watch time per viewer is 1 minute and 27 seconds. Since the duration of the stream was roughly 52 minutes, we can safely assume that only a few individuals watched it from the start to finish.

In fact, the total watch time is 11 days and 8 hours. It only takes 300 people to watch it from start to finish to top that number. DLive was a dead streaming platform that served no purpose whatsoever until Pewdiepie came along and promoted it. That means that most of the users on the platform right now are his own audience and if we know that their median age is about 13–15 years, why would we assume that they have any interest in decentralization and cryptocurrency whatsoever?

These kids came to watch video games on the platform and since the influence on th...

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