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Someone used my mail on a mining website and I don't know what I should do

Like a week or so ago I received a mail that weirdly did not go to my spams about registration on some shady-looking litecoin mining website I never heard of (not sure I can put a link) and since then, despite never clicking any links in that mail, I've periodically received mails about withdrawal confirmations. They almost all went to spam but this morning one didn't and it made me check on it again. I tried to use their support contact to ask them about it when the first mail came (again, not clicking any links in the mail and manually looking it up using what they *show* as the links), since I've never used their website and it's probably someone that got my mail from some mail dump, and again today, but I've not received any answer so I don't think I'll ever get any. I had 2FA on my email address and changed the password when the first mail came so I don't think my mail got hacked. Still I don't know if I should keep trying to do something about it, or just mark those withdrawal mails as spam and ignore it. Either way it's kinda stressing me out and I don't really know where to ask help about it.
Go to self.litecoin
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