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Most people don't understand Litecoin or they would be stocking up now

Bitcoin is expensive to transact. However, if bitcoin fails than confidence in the entire market will hurt. Litecoin is fast and cheap. Let's not over complicate this. I'm a simple person. The vision the creator had was to make a coin from the same technology as bitcoin to 1: (probably) prevent bitcoin from failing/offering a solution since it's expensive to spend and lacks speed. 2. Build a coin (make history) My vision: litecoin will be free to use one day. Maybe bitcoin too. But companies will be charged. Just like when we swipe cards. And it costs them a lot less than 3%ish. So if this was it. The market has clutter. And it has lot of "promising" coins. Sure. And articles and articles and articles. Because it's a hot google search. People repeat stuff in there own words to earn clicks, t is earn money. It's their job. Do you own research. By all means. Money usually doesn't come easy. Research, research. I feel baffled when people buy a coin, and have no patience. Huge mistake. Let's investigate this as if we were a lawyers and let's make a case for litecoin. Fact: coinbase supports Litecoin Fact: Coinbase is partnered with lots of companies. See their Wikipedia. Info is in front of us. Fact: charlie lee left coinbase in June to develop his creation, Litecoin. Fact: he was the director of engineering. Pretty much the reason we adore coinbase- it's user friendly. (So is Apple compute btw) Fact: Litecoin is partnering with opendime, Revolut, and the atomic Swap. Fact: if I had to allow for a payment method at my business, I would allow Litecoin over bitcoin bc it's cheaper. You know why some companies don't accept AMEX? Bc it cost more money. Think about that. If you really believe in what's happening before our eyes, you'd see that bitcoin will become more and more rare. It will deflate eventually. You'd see that any price right now is cheap if you hold long enough. You'll also see that it actually needs litecoin, too. Bitcoin = storage and safety (li...
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