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Mimblewimble Progress Update Thread - March

March Progress:

The first code review[1] was submitted on March 15th covering the libmw project! This is where the bulk of the MWEB logic resides, and is completely independent from the existing LTC code in order to make it easier to take the latest fixes and enhancements from bitcoin.

MWEB is a massive enhancement, much larger than any previous upgrade to the LTC network, including SegWit. Not surprisingly, there is a ton of code to review. libmw alone is more than 15k lines of code, and that’s not including the “glue” that ties it into the existing LTC code. Reviewing all of this, and getting it professionally audited is going to take us well into the summer, so please be patient with us all as we painstakingly pore over each line to make sure it is safe and bug free.

The consequences of introducing a bug in consensus code can be quite severe, sometimes even catastrophic. Grin recently suffered the worst kind of attack due to a consensus bug[2]. One of the 2 node implementations used a cache improperly, which led to an invalid transaction being included in a block. This transaction massively inflated the supply for a short period of time. Luckily, Grin++ did not have the bug, so the issue was caught and fixed right away. Forks of Grin were not as lucky…

While I’m certain MWEB will not be vulnerable to any major attacks, the Grin experience was a bit unnerving for me personally. I want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to eliminate possible sources of bugs. The biggest such source is rushing through code, which is something I’ve done a lot of this past 2 months

As a result, I will no longer be committing to exact deadlines. I obviously value transparency a lot, and want to keep everyone as informed as possible, so I will continue to provide estimates (now, in an easy-to-follow timeline at But these will be no more than estimates, subject to change at any time. This project is too i...

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