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⚡️lnd v0.6.1-beta has just been released! ⚡️

This release marks a minor release in the 0.6-beta series. This release contains no major new features, and instead contains a series of bug-fixes, optimizations, and stability improvements.

Verifying the Release

In order to verify the release, you'll need to have gpg or gpg2 installed on your system. Once you've obtained a copy (and hopefully verified that as well), you'll first need to import the keys that have signed this release if you haven't done so already:

curl | gpg --import

Once you have his PGP key you can verify the release (assuming manifest-v0.6.1-beta.txt and manifest-v0.6.1-beta.txt.sig are in the current directory) with:

gpg --verify manifest-v0.6.1-beta.txt.sig

You should see the following if the verification was successful:

gpg: assuming signed data in 'manifest-v0.6.1-beta.txt' gpg: Signature made Thu May 9 16:31:08 2019 PDT gpg: using RSA key F8037E70C12C7A263C032508CE58F7F8E20FD9A2 gpg: Good signature from "Olaoluwa Osuntokun <[email protected]>" [ultimate]

That will verify the signature on the main manifest page which ensures integrity and authenticity of the binaries you've downloaded locally. Next, depending on your operating system you should then re-calculate the sha256 sum of the binary, and compare that with the following hashes (which are included in the manifest file):

8fd4bfb26d402a4882f4c89ab700186431c178af0a9f0bf61513bbb48cd497c3 lnd-darwin-386-v0.6.1-beta.tar.gz 02330ede4e7508a37e92bcc4c0dd0ac977f51a8fd42be9f114b1e42e58ff07c9 lnd-darwin-amd64-v0.6.1-beta.tar.gz 60c7aef87789271cc1c55286068ce2e6e94ccae48d85465df0606fe96bbe01cd lnd-dragonfly-amd64-v0.6.1-beta.tar.gz 8f328ef03e2f6fb47aab28af7a8949d3fadaac5769382d45ebbdf2fca7921593 lnd-freebsd-386-v0.6.1-beta.tar.gz f50b91b6c0e95b2a5c0e246fb17e07eddefb77533b10c034bb5454ad4001edcd lnd-freebsd-amd64-v0.6.1-beta.tar.gz 9e2c4b926140aacfc680e53191b1b56a18b0def422b1f8f4cc6653629872111...
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